Give Me Love

by George Harrison
Intro:E/F#bass, E, E/F#bass, E
Part A: E, Emag7, F#min, B, Amin, B, D, A
Part B: E, Emag7, E7, A7, 
Part C: F#mag, B
Verse: Give me love give me love give me peace on earth
	  Give me light give me life keep me free from birth
	  Give me hope help me cope with this heavy load
	  Trying to touch and reach you with heart and soul (part B)
	  Please...(Part B)
	                            F#           B
	  Take hold of my hand that I might understand you
	  Won't you please O won't you

Verse repeat

Part B

Bridge (w/ part C)

	  Won't you please O won't you

Verse repeat

	  Trying to.... touch and reach you with....

	  Heart....and soul....	

End on A7

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