Open Invitation

by Santana
You be you and let me be me 
No strings attached emotionally 
I wanna get a little crazy 
That's puttin' it plain 
You got the medicine 
And I got the pain 

When you just wanna feel good 
Like the doctor said 
One good dose of loving 
It's gonna straighten out your head 

You got an open invitation 
On that you can rely 
You got a prepaid reservation 
And that's the only way to fly 

Let's make love, the feeling is right 
Just passing by like ships in the night 
Oughta get a little friendly 
There's no time like now 
You bring the attitude and I'll show you how 

Anytime you're ready 
Anytime at all 
Just come on over 
Don't even have to call
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