The Music Never Stopped

by The Grateful Dead
Verse: E, A, C
              A, Adim, Bdim, A, Adim, Bdim

    Bridge: (A6, Bmin7-5, A, D#dim, Dmin/F, A, D7, E)
               A6, Bmin7-5, A

    Bridge 2: (D#dim, D, E) A, D, F, G, D, F, G, D, F, G
                    D, E, A

    Bridge 3: (E, F#, B)  E (Ending)

    Verse A: There's mosquitos on the river
              Fish are rising up like birds
              It's been hot for seven weeks now 
              Too hot to even speak now
              Did you hear what I just heard?-----
              Well it could have been a fiddle
              Or it might have been the wind
              But there seems to be a beat now
              I can feel it in my feet now
              Listen here it comes again-----
    Chorus: There's a band out on the highway
               High steppin' into town
               It's a rainbow full of sounds
               It's fireworks calliopes and clowns
               Everybody's dancin' (Bridge)
               Come on children, come on children
               Come on clap your hands (Bridge 2)
    Verse B: Well the sun went down in honey
              And the moon came up in wine
              You know the stars were spinning dizzy
              Lord the band kept us so busy 
              We forgot about the time (Bridge 3)
    Verse A: They're a band beyond description 
              Like Jehovah's favorite choir
              People join' hand in hand while the music plays the band
              Lord, they're settin' us on fire-----
              Crazy rooster crowin' midnight
              Balls of lightning roll along
              Old men sing about their dreams 
              Women laugh and children scream
              And the band keeps playin' on-----

    Chorus: Keep on dancing through to daylight
               Greet the morning air with song
               No one's noticed but the band's all packed and gone
               Was it ever here at all?
               But they kept on dancin' (Bridge)
               Come on children, come on children
               Come on clap your hands (Bridge 2)

    Verse B: Well the cool breeze came on Tuesday
              And the corn's a bumper crop
              You know the fields were full of dancing
              Full of singing and romancing
              THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED (Bridge 3, Ending)
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