A Palette For Photoshop
That Won't Dither Funny
On Your Web pages...

Yup, believe it or else-

I made this from a palette that I found and it is a set of the 216 colors that are OK to use on web pages, both MAC and PC without the occurance of funny, unpredictable dithering.

Here's how to get the file I made and how to install it...

1. Get it here. (It's VERY small, less than 2K)

2. Put it here:


3. Open up Photoshop and select "load swatches" off the palette window (you get the drop down menu by clicking the little arrow at the right edge of the window...):

4. Select WebHues.aco:

Wha la! You now have a palette to work with that won't have lots of hidden surprises when you go to view your beautiful graphics work on a web page!



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