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History and Memorabilia

Here's The list of YAC and LRA chairpersons, and Notible events as submitted by Cathy Schellenberg, Phyllis Carleen and Alec Lowry(thank you very much!) :)

There are some gaps in this list as well as admitted inaccuracies mixed with sprinklings of "I'm not sures" , so if you know, let me know!

Also, Check out Photos and more of Past Conferences in the 
YAC Past Conferences Scrapbook Section...

Year Conference Chair Registrar Minister Theme
1983 YAC        
1984 YAC        
1985 YAC     Toby Paddock  
1986 YAC Dusty Varney   Toby Paddock  
1987 YAC     Toby Paddock  
1988 YAC     Toby Paddock  
1989 YAC     Toby Paddock  
1990 YAC Karen Staubi Jennifer Sterling-Folker Toby Paddock  
1991 YAC Marc Spisto Jennifer Sterling-Folker Toby Paddock and Meg Schellenberg Communication
1992 LRA I Cathy Schellenberg Jennifer Sterling-Folker Toby Paddock Fast Forward, Rewind, and Play:
Coping Strategies for the 90's
  YAC Cathy Schellenberg Jennifer Sterling-Folker Meg Schellenberg Fast Forward, Rewind, and Play:
Coping Strategies for the 90's
1993 LRA Dave Jennifer Sterling-Folker Toby Paddock  
  YAC Jody Jennifer Sterling-Folker Toby Paddock Fun and Games
1994 LRA Gordon O'Hara Karen Staubi Julieann Silberman  
  YAC Gordon O'Hara Karen Staubi Julieann Silberman Community
1995 LRA Will Mitchell Karen Staubi Dave Scheuneman Spirituality
  YAC Ellen Titus Karen Staubi Dave Scheuneman Power of Positive Thinking
1996 LRA Chris and Phyllis Carleen Karen Staubi Meg Schellenberg Celebrating Star Island
  YAC Stephanie Bacon Karen Staubi Dave Scheuneman Our Royal Selves
1997 LRA  Linda Porcelli Karen Staubi Dave Scheuneman  
  LRA II Abby Lourie Karen Staubi Dave Scheuneman Velocity
1998 LRA  Nancy Schroeder Alec Lowry TBA TBA
  YAC Conrad Hauck Alec Lowry TBA The Environment
1999 LRA Ellen Titus Linda Porcelli TBA ?
  YAC Prince Davis Wesley Derbyshire Julie-Ann Silberman Nothing
2000 LRA Matt Nugent Linda Porcelli  Daniel C. Kanter Community
  YAC Chris Wise Wesley Derbyshire Parisa Parsa Movement
2002 LRA Linda Porcelli ? ? ?
  YAC Seth Lustig Dusty Varney TBA Fun and Games
2002 LRA        
  YAC Dave Scheuneman Dusty Varney TBA Renewal

Notable events:

Karen got us our first shower, and our first lobster night.

Marc got the conference extended from Friday to Sunday to Friday to Monday.

Marc also got us an extra 10 spaces from the Arts Conference, making it the single largest conference at 50.

Working with Jennifer and Brian, Cathy Schellenberg got the conference doubled to LRA I & LRA II.

Also year infamous Brady Bunch skit was performed in the Talent Show.
Cast: Mike B.-Gordon, Carol B.-Meg, Bobby B.-Will, Cindy B.-Jody, Greg B.-Matthew, Jan B.-Jennifer, Marcia B.-Linnea, Peter B.-Mike, Tiger B.-Conrad, George Bush/Tony Codding-Alec.

Gordon's conference was the year Stephanie and Dusty combined two popular conference events into one with Scavenge for Talent.

Abby changed the name from YAC to LRA.

The first two conferences were Jennifer's (it started in 1983), the next was Ann's, then Dusty, Brian, then Chip, then Mike, then Karen.

One theme got used in two different years, and I think Mike's was "Education."

Gordon was Mike's theme speaker. Marc had Monty and Pam for theme speakers.

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