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This unique experience is a ‘first-of-its-kind” virtual event. We are focused on creating a Citizens Diplomacy Initiative through deep discussions with qualified and respected thought leaders. The Virtual platform will be accessible 24/7, allowing us to bring a global community together.

This event is brought to you by Danny Sheehan and Mark Sims, and is being funded by the Loving Giving Serving All nonprofit organization.

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This event will be a 5-day virtual experience.  It’s going to be a really special and unique experience.  It is a complete virtual campus.  You make your Avatar and you walk around campus to attend the different events.

You can join the Making Contact Convergence by downloading an application called “The Making Contact Campus“. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive instructions for how to access the Campus.

This event will be accessible by Desktop or Laptop computers. Mobile devices, and Tablets are currently not compatible with the application software.

The Making Contact Campus will be open 24/7 during this 5-day virtual convergence! You can explore, hangout, and dance with fellow participants from all over the world.

YES! We will be recording the speaker Presentations, Round Table Panel Discussions, and Q&A Sessions for you to view in case you miss anything. Details for how to access the recordings will be made available as we begin the Making Contact Convergence.

We are working on a Making Contact Campus Orientation page to guide you with quick-start and detailed videos. We will also have a support team available from 10am – 8pm during the event to assist you.

YES! We would love your support. Please visit https://makingcontact.com/volunteers and fill out the application! 

If you purchased your ticket on or before July 27th, (max 400 tickets) your ticket includes the VIP BONUS DAY pass! If you’d like to purchase a ticket to the VIP BONUS DAY, you can contact us at [email protected] for further instructions.

YES! We will absolutely honor all the purchases that were made on The Observation Deck for this event. We are grateful for your support. Please email us at [email protected] with a copy of your receipt so we can add you to our list, and send you further instructions.

Want to become an exhibitor at the Making Contact Expo Hall? We’d love to have you! Please visit https://makingcontact.com/exhibitors/ and fill out the application. 🙂

Want to enter the Artist Contest? We’d love to have you! Please visit https://makingcontact.com/artist-contest/ to learn more, and email [email protected] to submit your work! 🙂

Want to enter the Music Remix Contest? We’d love to have you! Please visit https://makingcontact.com/music-remix-contest/ and fill out the application. 🙂